Software engineer at Wayfair, with experience in full-stack web development, UI Design and Research, and marketing.

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Mix Master

A game to bring out your inner DJ. Mix Master allows you to pick songs in a DJ set based on genre, and you are scored on how well the songs fit together in a set, giving you the opportunity to be a club DJ in your own bedroom.

Self-Driving Car UI

A user interface for a self-driving car designed for a HCI course. Allows users to give directions to the car, along with selecting music and changing settings or temperature in the vehicle.

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I've always had a huge interest in music and have been playing instruments since I was young. Now, I DJ, play guitar, and produce electronic music on the computer in Logic Pro X, and go by the name 'trac'.


Tufts Men's Ultimate Website


I love to travel around the country with my friends playing different competitive tournaments, and have played in both North and South America on the field and on the beach. I spent the last two years captaining the Tufts Men's team, and have also coached youth at CUT Camp New England 2018.

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