Software engineer and cognitive scientist with experience in full-stack web development, design, marketing, and product creation.

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Mix Master

A game to bring out your inner DJ. Mix Master allows you to pick songs in a DJ set based on genre, and you are scored on how well the songs fit together in a set, giving you the opportunity to be a club DJ in your own bedroom.

Self-Driving Car UI

A user interface for a self-driving car designed for a HCI course. Allows users to give directions to the car, along with selecting music and changing settings or temperature in the vehicle.

About Me




I've always had a huge interest in music and have been playing instruments since I was young. Now, I play guitar and have played in a rock band, produce electronic music on the computer in Logic Pro X, and DJ.


Tufts Men's Ultimate Website


I've been the captain of the Tufts Men's Ultimate team for the past year and have been playing ultimate for almost 8 years now. I love to travel around the country with my friends playing different tournaments. I have also played in my hometown of Sao Paulo. I'm looking forward to a successful senior season with the Tufts team in 2018.

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